Family Law Attorney in Madison


I have been practicing law in Madison, Indiana for over 20 years. During the entirety of my career, I have practiced in the areas of family law, criminal law and estates. I know that if you are contacting an attorney about a divorce, a criminal charge, or a death in family, it is a stressful time for you and your family. I take the time to answer your questions and insure that you understand the process and the steps I will take to represent you. I will discuss fees with you and be up front with you regarding the potential attorney fees and other costs involved. I will provide you with information to be able to make informed decisions about the manner in which you wish to proceed. While I will counsel you as to the manner to proceed in your case, you ultimately are in control of your case. I have heard numerous times during my career that clients feel that they were pressured by their past attorneys to reach an agreement and then they come to me trying to reverse the agreement. I will never pressure you to reach an agreement even if I counsel you that an agreement may be in your best interest. I am not afraid to take any case to hearing or trial. You are entitled to your day in court if you wish to proceed in that manner. Come talk to me and let me try to help.