Vevay Indiana Child Support Attorney

Mary Beth Mock, Attorney at Law has been handling the child support concerns of the Vevay community who seek their legal matters solved efficiently, adeptly and discreetly. Regardless of race, background or socioeconomic status, Mary Beth Mock, Attorney at Law is the child support firm that has everything to offer. We are proud of our many years reputation as caring, helpful child support professionals.

Why settle for the lesser experience of many other child support law offices in the Vevay area, which may lack sufficient knowledge of every area of child support, negotiating skills and/or courtroom experience? If something precious has been take away from you and you are seeking a way to get it back, or if you are under the threat of loss, Mary Beth Mock, Attorney at Law empowers you to take back, or keep, what rightfully belongs to you.

Many people within the Vevay area find themselves dealing with a difficult child support matter for various reasons. In addition to addressing a client’s legal rights, Mary Beth Mock, Attorney at Law understands that representation is about managing one’s expectations during this process. Clients naturally have different emotions in child support cases, but it’s our job to guide them toward concrete goals.

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