Versailles Indiana Family Attorney

In family cases, your lawyer will be more than just a legal counselor. A lawyer from Mary Beth Mock, Attorney at Law understands the need to get to know you on a personal level to better understand and advise you on your family matter. With many years of experience, our Versailles clients know we can provide them with knowledgeable and reliable counsel. 

For almost all family cases in the Versailles area, it is better to come to an amicable settlement than to fight through litigation. Mary Beth Mock, Attorney at Law is trained to find a beneficial settlement agreement for our clients and use litigation selectively to pursue settlement goals. Our attorneys have also used alternative dispute resolution over the firm’s many years of practice.

We believe each client comes with a unique set of circumstances and requires customized professional legal representation by recognizing these distinctive needs. We personalize our services within a sensitive environment with compassion and understanding.

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